What is a Hypnosis Session like?

Your hypnosis session will be an extremely pleasant experience consisting of four distinct parts.

First, a professional hypnotist will explain in detail what hypnosis is about and how it will work for you. He or she will answer all your questions and discuss any misconceptions that you might still have concerning hypnosis. When this part of the session is complete, you will know more about the truth of hypnosis than 90% of the general public.

Second, the hypnotist will discuss your goals or issues with you and how you can most rapidly achieve the desired results.

Third, when you are absolutely comfortable with the idea of hypnosis and feel good about working with the hypnotist, then the actual hypnosis session will begin. You will be guided into a very deep state of mental relaxation. You will feel very relaxed, but extremely alert mentally. You’ll be aware of everything going on around you. Suggestions for the change you desire will then be given to your powerful subconscious mind. The suggestions will enter your subconscious and become a part of you. The old programming which was keeping you from achieving your goal or causing a problem is removed, allowing you to accomplish goals and eliminate problems. You will then be emerged from hypnosis with strong suggestions of good health and positive attitude. You’ll feel better than you have for a long, long time.

The fourth and final part of your session consists of a brief discussion of the session making sure your desired change is felt within you and, if necessary, setting up your next appointment.

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